The Church and/or the Barber Rooms are available for use by others at times not required for church activities.

Please see the following documents for further details:

The Barber Rooms are a wonderful resource for the town and are increasingly being used by community groups and for private events. This does, however, mean that anyone planning to use them for a church activity should at least make a provisional booking at the earliest opportunity. The table of fees (for non-church use) and a booking form (for everyone) are available from this page, together with the terms & conditions of hire which every user should read.  In particular, the hirer is responsible for ensuring they understand the emergency evacuation procedures. Speak to our administrator, Margaret, if you have any queries.

It is important that, on leaving, every user, whether or not from All Saints’, sweeps and if necessary washes the floor, puts away anything they got out, thoroughly cleans and tidies the kitchen, removes rubbish (including disposable nappies) and ensures that all external doors and windows – including the skylights – are properly locked. If these simple courtesies are not followed, the PCC may find it necessary to introduce a returnable deposit to cover the cost of a caretaker.