The birth of a child is one of the most special moments in life – a time when we may be aware of God touching our lives in a special way.

As we have the privilege of seeing and caring for a newly created person, it can make us ask those big questions – Why are we here? Is there a God? Does God care about us? How can we know?

It’s natural that we want to celebrate. The church offers two different kinds of service to celebrate after the birth of a child. The first, a Thanksgiving Service, is simply a service of Celebration – giving thanks for this child and praying for them and for your family. The second, Baptism, is like the beginning of a journey – not only celebrating but helping your child on an exciting journey of discovery, exploring the big questions, and discovering as they grow up the greater dimension in life that the Christian Faith opens up.

Whichever kind of service you are looking for, do get in touch.  We are delighted to baptize children who live in our parish or whose parent(s) worship regularly with us. We also baptize adults who have come to faith in Jesus and who have not already been baptized as children.

The dates for baptisms in 2019 are: March 3, May 5, August 4, September 29, November 3 and December 29.  

Please contact the administrator for more details.


Confirmation in the Church of England is the moment when the promises made for someone at baptism are taken on by themselves, and with the laying on of hands the bishop prays for them to receive the Holy Spirit.

Practically, it is the gateway to entry into the church as an adult and the point at which someone starts to receive the bread and wine at Holy Communion.

Confirmations of people at All Saints’ happen once a year, with the other churches in the deanery, and occur at one of the churches in the deanery.

Please contact the administrator for more details.


If you have recently become engaged, our congratulations!  If you’re thinking of getting married at All Saints’, we hope to meet you soon. To be married at All Saints’, at least one of you needs to live in Faringdon or Little Coxwell or to have a ‘Qualifying Connection’ here. Our administrator, Margaret, is pleased to help you discover if you are entitled to marry at All Saints’ - please contact her for more details.


Jesus Christ offers comfort and hope in the face of death.  He says “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me” (John 14v1, NRSV).  Christians believe in life beyond the grave, because Jesus died and rose again – bringing hope of forgiveness and eternal life. And yet, death brings great sadness – even Jesus wept at the tomb of his friend Lazarus.

As a church we would like to offer comfort and hope at this time, and our clergy conduct funeral services in the church or at a crematorium. If you want to arrange a funeral, you should first contact a funeral director, and they will confirm the arrangements with us.  However, we are always willing to talk, if that would be helpful.

Once a year, on the Sunday near to All Saints’ Day (1st November), we hold an evening service of remembrance for those who have been bereaved. This is open to all.