Mission of the Month for March: Faringdon Family Centre (CTiF)

The Family Centre committee runs a successful Breakfast Club in the Junior School five mornings a week during term time. It is staffed by a paid leader from a local church, an assistant from the school’s ancillary staff, and a number of volunteers. 

CTiF is also supporting ‘The Place’ a joint initiative by The Pump House Project and Spurgeon’s Charity (following the closure of the former Childrens’ Centre) where young families can get a range of advice and help from professionals.

The Family Centre committee also manages the Food Bank, currently operating out of the Baptist Church, which is where food items are now stored.  Take up from the Food Bank is always variable and for this reason stock can be a challenge to maintain within date. We are very grateful for donations when the Food Bank needs filling up at different times of the year, but as donations from All Saints’ were so generous at harvest time in 2018 the committee is not appealing for any food at present from our church. Financial support is welcome though for some items that are needed which we’re unable to keep because of the limited space.  If you would like to know more about the work of any of these projects please speak to the chairperson, Mairead Boyce, who can be contacted on 243 065 or Jeni Summerfield (All Saints’ Family Centre rep) 240 912.